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Primary Election Numbers From Secretary Of State; Local Levies Pass


Many people in Daniels County by now know who won the political races from the Tuesday, June 4, primary election in this area but some might not know how the statewide totals of some of the candidates when added up.

The Daniels County election totals, by precinct, can be found on page 5 of this issue.

Take note that all of the ballot issues here passed, including: Local Government Review, Hospital District Mill Levy, Sheriff/Dispatcher Mill Levy, City of Scobey Local Government Review and Town of Flaxville Local Government Review.

We’ll start right at the top. For U.S. President, incumbent Joseph R. Biden (D-Democrat) received 94,499 votes (91%) from Montanans while no preference was 9,262 (9%). Donald J. Tru...