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FOOTBALL — CFL preview and Leader Sports predictions: The Canadian Football League kicks off its 2024 regular season tonight (June 6) when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the Montreal Alouettes (TV: CBS Sports Network). This is a rematch of last season’s Grey Cup Game when the Alouettes won 28-24 in a thrilling come-from-behind victory. Here is a summary of how the CFL differs from the NFL. It’s played on a longer field, 150 yards from the back of each end zone (NFL is 120 yards), it’s 65 yards wide (NFL 53.3), its goal posts are on the goal line (NFL back of end zone), teams get only 3 downs to make a first down (NFL 4), has more players on the field with 12 (NFL 11), has unlimited offensive motion for receivers toward the line of scrimmage called the Waggle (NFL only 1 person in motion) and defenders must line up 1-yard off the ball (NFL...