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Hospital Board Meeting Notes


Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center held its regular Board of Directors meeting, February 26, 2024 at 6 p.m. in the Hospital conference room. The unapproved minutes in part include: Members Present: Kymber Carney, Mike Bjarko, Janitzia Nelson, Arlene Kegley, Cliff Hames, Jack Pittenger, Kody Brinton, Patrick McConnell, Jennifer Marsh, Wendy Dahl, Koby May, Jessica Winge-Petersen, Kim Wangerin Guests: Chris Hopkins, Montana Health Network Jack Pittenger called the meeting to order.

Guest: Chris Hopkins, CEO of Montana Health Network presented to the board.

MHN supports healthcare organizations in Eastern Montana, by providing rural hospitals and Billings Clinic shared services as well as research and development of new products and services.

MHN started in 1987 with 7 shareholders and has 17 shareholders today with 39 plus member customers or affiliates and 6 separate companies/trusts. MHN is a vehicle for growth for facilities and offers core services for insurance products, which DMHC participates in most. Kody Brinton sits as a board member on MHN board.

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