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Hospital Board Meeting Notes


Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center held its regular Board of Directors meeting, January 22, 2024 at 6 p.m. in the Hospital conference room. The unapproved minutes in part include: Members Present: Jedda Barron, Jack Pittenger, Chase Thompson, Cliff Hames, Wyatt Wilder, Mike Bjarko, Arlene Kegley, Kymber Carney, Tanner Trower, Janitzia Nelson, Kody Brinton, Kim Wangerin, Pat McConnell, Jennifer Marsh, Wendy Dahl, Koby May Guests: Jana Smith from Eide Bailly, Bob Olsen and Katy Mack from Montana Hospital Association Jack Pittenger called the meeting to order.

Montana Hospital Association: Medicaid Expansion Bob Olsen, President and CEO of MHA and Katy Mack, VP of Communications and Member Engagement, MHA presented on Medicaid Expansion. Medicaid is a state-federal partnership to provide health coverage to low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities. It includes population ages 19-64 who have income below $1,600/ month. Medicaid Expansion helps small businesses bring coverage to their employees, and supports preventative services, mental health services, substance abuse disorders, and is addressing work force shortage.

As of October 2023, Medicare Expansion covered 94 adults, 5.6% of Daniels County population, which is close to 10% for the state of Montana....