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Initial Appearance Feb. 15 On Charges; Nine Felony Counts


Wednesday, February 7, documents were filed in Dis trict Court charging Jennifer (Leischner) Cromwell of Sc obey, with nine alleged felony counts. Two unnamed and uncharged co-conspirators, "C.C." of Scobey and "M.V." of Billings are also mentioned in the public documents.

An initial appearance/ arraignment hearing is scheduled for Thursday, February 15 at 8:15 in the Daniels County Courthouse.

Her attorney, Terrance Toavs accepted service on her behalf, February 7.

For the State of Montana, County Attorney Logan Ol son and W. Adam Durek, Special Deputy County Attorney, allege and charge Cromwell with Count 1: Theft (Conspiracy); Count 2: Decep tive Practices (Conspiracy); Count 3: Deceptive Practices (Conspiracy); Count 4; Money Laundering (Conspiracy); Count 5; Theft (Common Scheme); Count 6: Deceptive Practices (Common Scheme); Count 7; Deceptive Practices (Common Scheme); Count 8: Deceptive Practices (Com mo...