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December 6, 2023

Dear Editor,

In regards to the buzz around town about a Dollar Tree franchise coming to Scobey I think I can clear a few things up. I have been in negotiations to sell a piece of property (the former Peavey/ CHS Elevator land) to a company that builds for them as they would like to add Scobey as a new retail location.

As of today this project and sale is on hold for a couple of reasons. Our City Council has decided to not approve a zoning change for me from Light Industrial back to Commercial/ Retail to allow a multi million dollar business to come into Scobey Montana, developing a fairly large tax base and creating jobs! This is in light of a previous 6-0 in favor recommendation from the current Zoning board. I ask this, why do we even have a Zoning board in place if the City Council does not follow their recommendations? Secondly the Dollar Tree people have chosen to table Scobey as a new location because of this delay, also giving them time to finish up on multiple other locations. They have informed me that they would like to maybe visit this location in the spring if the property becomes available to build on.

I’m sure a many of our residents have been to Wolf Point, Plentywood, Circle, or other smaller towns in Montana and other states and have shopped at a Dollar Tree/Family Dollar ...