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City Minutes . . .


and herself, Mikah and some of the lifeguards are cleaning and painting the pool house, plans are to be completely finished with the painting of the pool house this month.

PWD Berreth reported the restrooms will be locked up by Oct. 1 and everything winterized. Mayor Lekvold asked if there were any noticeable issues with the pool?

Melinda reported no other than the pool lights do not work.Discussionoccurredon possible fixes. A south door also needs repair.

Zoning Administrator Report – Zoning Administrator Steve Berreth presented two conditional permits at 702 1st Ave W and 710 2nd Ave E. Both permits have been approved by the Zoning/ Commission Board and are in compliance. Councilman Landeraaen moved to grant both conditional use permits as presented; seconded.

Discussion occurred on how many short-term rentals should be allowed and is the process/criteria the City requiring sufficient. Should the City be asking for the applicants for a copy of their state license? Should there be a limit on how many animals per household are allowable?

Council will direct the zoning/ planning commission to review. Motion passed.

The last legislative session updated some zoning ordinances especially for cities over 5000.

Fire Chief Report – Wyatt Wilder reported on fire call at the hospital last weekend.

Council Comment –

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