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Spartans Loses To Warriors, Regroup To Play Wildcats

It was David versus Goliath the Philistine champion, facing off on Scobey’s Plainsmen Field last Friday night in East C Division 8-Man football. Unlike the initial time the two battled each other back in the day, Goliath emerged the winner this time around.

In a more clear description, the Fairview Warriors (2-0, 70-26, 35.0-13.0) easily handled the Scobey Spartans (1-1, 46-71, 23.0-35.5) by a final score of 49-6, with the home team avoiding the shutout with 3:44 left in the game when freshman Torsten Lamb scored on a 21yard rush.

All eyes, with the exception of the many kids playing their own game of football beyond the west end zone, could spot it, especially when Fairview’s offensive line walked up to the line of scrimmage for their next offensive play.

They were huge! In fact, when taking each team’s seniors and their weights listed on the game-day program, the seven Warriors tipped the scale at 1320 pounds, an average of 188.

The eight senior Spartans combined — not counting senior Gage Hallock who is still on the mend from an injury and still waiting for the green light to suit up — weighed 1343 for an average of 167.8. Every set of eyeballs surrounding the field could clearly spot the mismatch along the line of scrimmage.

Are excuses being made for the Spartans? No, as Fairview head coach Derek Gackle’s team clearly proved, they are the better team this season and certainly a major contender to capture the Class C 8-man state title after making it as far as the semifinals in 2022.

The Spartans had their opportunity right off the hop to set the...