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75 Years Ago


Items taken from weekly issues 75 years ago, from the Daniels County Leader, est. 1922 (continuation of the Scobey Sentinel, est. 1912).

July 22, 1948

Democrats Show Slight Edge In Vote Here–

Daniels County showed a Democratic tendency in the primary election here, with some observers attributing the difference to strong interest in the Democratic primary for governor. (Primary Election results on front page.) Weather and Markets–

85 degrees was the high with a low of 45. Precipitation was recorded at .53 Wheat (58-lb) 1.91, 1314-15-16 6-16-31-42c; Durum 1.85; Flax 5.59; Barley 1.06; Rye 1.46; Oats .44 Wh...