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Scobey JH Girls/Boys Sweep District Meet


The Scobey Spartans won both the girls’ and boys’ divisions of the District 3C Junior High Track and Field Meet held Wednesday, May 5, in Glasgow.

The young Lady Spartans tallied 113 points while the Scobey boys amassed 143 for coaches Del Henderson and Kaitlin Switzer.

Here is a look at all of the top-six finishers who scored points for their teams plus all of the results of the Scobey School and Lustre School athletes:

DISTRICT 3C JUNIOR HIGH TRACK & FIELD MEET Scottie Field Glasgow, Montana Wednesday, May 10, 2023 GIRLS Team scores — Scobey 113, Lustre 101, Nashua 81, Saco 70, Whitewater 40, Dodson 26, Frazer 14, Hinsdale 4.

100 (field of 24) — Katherine Dykstra, Nas, 13.82, PR (personal record); McKenna Nieskens, Sco, 14.57, PR; Ainsley Erickson, Saco, 15.07; Dyllan Bergstrom, Nas, 15.59; Ava Stentoft, Sco, 15.67, PR; Maci Fourstar-Sibley, Fra, 16.02 (others: Ashtynn Fladager, Sco, 16.16, two-way tie for 7th; Emerson Fladager, Sco, 16.16, 2-way tie for 7th; Kimi Oller, Sco, 16.39, 10th; Lauren Fast, Lus, 16.68, 14th, PR; Sheila Jones, Lus, 17.60, PR.

200 (field of 19) — Katherine Dykstra, Nas, 28.22; McKenna Nieskens, Sco, 29.91; Emerson Downing, Saco, 31.44; Kencia Brown, Lus, 31.44; Chloe Johnson, Sco, 33.95; Maci Fourstar-Sibley, Fra, 34.05, PR (others: Nicole Rush, Sco, 34.08, 7th; Emerson Fladager, Sco, 34.10, 8th; Paige McGillis, Sco, 34.15, 9th, PR; Lauren Fast, Lus, 36.96, 10th, PR; Sheila Jones, Lus, 41.24, 15th, PR.

400 (field of 17) — Katherine Dykstra, Nas, 1:06.08, PR; McKenna Nieskens, Sco, 1:08.76, PR; Justice Byers, Lus, 1:10.31, PR; Kencia Brown, Lus, 1:11.20, PR; Maci Fourstar...