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Sheriff Resigns Information Unsealed


Due to the complexity of the SheriffAnderson case and volume of paper work, there was not time to report after the case was dismissed and documents were unsealed on April 11, at press time.

Daniels County Sheriff, DuaneAndersonresignedlast week as part of an agreement for the conclusion of the case of Official Misconduct charged against him by the State Attorney General’s Office.

Charges were dismissed, without prejudice, in District Court Tuesday, April 11, after all parties approved an agreement for resolution of the case.The agreement states the dismissal would come about on the resignation of the Sheriff and that he cannot work in law enforcement in Daniels County, but he would be eligible to run for Sheriff in 2024.

The single offense Official Misconduct charges, "performing an act in excess of his lawful authority with the purpose of obtaining an advantage for himself or another,” involved several allegations over a period of time of J...