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75 Years Ago


Items taken from weekly issues 75 years ago, from the Daniels County Leader, est. 1922 (continuation of the Scobey Sentinel, est. 1912).

April 15, 1948

C.A.P. Unit Here– Capt. Arnold Fredriksen, commanding officer of the Scobey squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, is urging all persons interested in enlisting in the local squadron to attend an organizational meeting next Monday at the Community Hall in Scobey.

Eighth Graders Of County Will Play– Flaxville and Whitetail 8th grade teams have accepted invitations to play basketball here on Saturday. Word has not been received from the Peerless team, which is also invited.

If Peerless fails to show, Scobey 7th graders will play.

City Council Votes $200 For Street Signs– Need for replacement of 70 street corner signs in the city was pointed out to the City Council by the Jaycees.