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City Business . . .


Taken from the unapproved minutes of the regular meeting of City Council, City of Scobey, Montana held Tuesday, February 14, 2023

at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall.


Mayor Morgan Lekvold called the meeting to order with councilmen Jon Baker, Scott Fishell, Seth Axtman, Paul Landeraaen present.

Also, in attendance were Fire Chief Wyatt Wilder, City Attorney Ben Fosland, PWDSteveBerrethandClerk Sonya M. Southland.

Open Bids – City Hall Renovation–MayorLekvold opened the one bid received: Southland Construction - $48,021 for the restroom renovation to include demo, construction, electrical, design, permit fees, a plumbing quote of $15,231 from NE MT Mechanical, shop door and install, and repair concrete to main entrance.

Public Works Report – PWD Steve Berreth reported:

• Skid Steer and the dump truck have been repaired

• Cleaning up ice and slush off streets

• Preparing for spring work – sweeper and mowers Zoning Administrator Report – Zoning Administrator Steve Berreth reported there is a scheduled meeting Wednesday, February 15.

Three members have terms expiring in March.

Fire Chief Report – Fire Chief Wilder reported the firemen have updated their beneficiary's forms and the department is considering changing their bylaws to lower the age requirement to recruit new members. Some firemen gear is here; expecting the rest next month.

Council Comment

• Councilman Axtman asked if the public nuisance vi...