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Despite Net Loss Much Improved At D.C. Museum


The Daniels County Museum Association (DCMA) held its annual meeting Tuesday, January 24, in the museum building.

Present were president Mike Thievin, vice president Frank Edwards, secretary Brenda Cook, treasurer Annette Thievin and directors Felix Gilbertson, Justin Hanson, J.R. Maldonado, Paul Nelson and Ross Tuggle. Linda Hersel was the sole guest attending.

The profit and loss statement reveals the DCMA had a net loss of $28,177.67 in 2022, which was mainly due to earmarked income in 2021, but expenses for certain projects were completed in 2022. Those included repairs to the Frontier Club, the bank building, general store, Westland station and the Jacques buildings. Continued improvements to buildings and the grounds is a must, and a list of those improvements has been made. With a steady flow of...