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BASKETBALL—Howlonghasthisbeengoing on? Not long after the Nashua Porcupines edged the Scobey Spartans 46-44 in District 3C action in Scobey Friday, January 13, 2023, the thought of when was the last time Nashua defeated the Scobey boys entered the mind. Once the January 19, 2023 issue of the Daniels County Leader was close to being electronically emailed to Helena for printing, the mission was to find out. We got an early start when hitting the archives at

10:45 a.m. on Tuesday, January 17, thinking this was going to be a long research session, something like three or four hours. It actually took only 72 minutes to discover the Porcupines defeated the Spartans

62-30 in Scobey January 11, 2014, meaning the 17game win streak over the Porcupines lasted eight years and two days. In t...