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Solid Waste Board Ponders Whether To Haul Away Or Stay


The Daniels County Solid Waste Board held another meeting last week to discuss the option of trucking some its waste to an out-of-county site as the local landfill is about two years away from being full.

ManagerBrianAustinand secretary Darcia Schindler of the Valley County Refuse District #1 in Glasgow were present at the Wednesday, December 28, meeting beginning at 5:37 p.m. in the Commissioner’s Room at the Daniels County Court House. Also present were the three Daniels County Commissioners ofLeeHumbert,Gary Linder and Mikel Lund as well as Daniels County Solid Waste Board members Pat Anderson, Richard Carrier, Tom Hagan, Cliff Hames and Roger Rasmussen. Also present were Michael Thorn of Daniels County Refuse, City of Scobey May...