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City Business . . .


Taken from the unapproved minutes of the regular meeting of City Council, City of Scobey, Montana held Tuesday,December13,2022

at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall.


Mayor Morgan Lekvold called the meeting to order with councilmen Scott Fishell, Seth Axtman, Paul Landeraaen and Jon Baker present. Also, in attendance were Lacey Southland, Fire Chief Wyatt Wilder, City Attorney Ben Fosland, PWD Steve Berreth and Clerk Sonya M. Southland.

Public Works Report – PWD Steve Berreth reported:

• There was a water break reported on Daniels Street this morning, crew is getting ready to dig it up.

• Electrician was here yesterday to repair wires and replaced breakers in the back shop.

• Abandoned/long-term parked vehicles, trailers, campers etc. on the city streets is an ongoing problem especially when trying to plow around them – discussed options on how to address the issue.

Zoning Administrator Report – Zoning Administrator Steve Berreth reported there is no zoning meeting scheduled this month.

Fire Chief Report – Fire Chief Wilder reported turn o...