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MISCELLANEOUS — In case you missed it: During Scobey Schools Homecoming celebration on Friday, September 9, 2022 in the school's small gym nasium before the coronation, there was a reference to Robert "Bobby" Boucher Jr. (pronounced boo-SHAY). That's from the 1998 sports comedy movie The Water boy, with the excellent actorAdam Sandler playing the part of Boucher. Bobby is a socially inept, stuttering, and somewhat mentally challenged 31-year-old man serving as the water boy for the University of Louisiana college football team who becomes a star football player for a rival team after learning to channel the anger he feels from being bullied by others. Believe it or not, the extremely funny film earned $39.4 million in its opening weekend alone in the U.S. and earned a total of $186 mill...