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Netters Maintained But Look To Move Up In 2023 Season


The key word describing the 2022 girls’ volleyball season of the Scobey Spartans was this: maintain.

Spartan fans were told at the beginning of the season this was a young team with just one senior, the average age being a sophomore. The headline on page six of the August 25, 2022 issue of the Daniels County Leader read: Young Spartans Lack Experience But Not Height.

Middle blocker Kasslyn Baldry was the sole senior on the roster. Kinsey Anderson, Emmie Fishell, Anna Williams were the juniors, Kaytie Aanstad, Taizah Hersel, Hadley Maher, Kazee Trower and Mady Willis the sophomores, and Kennadi Cromwell, Camrie Holum, Claire Lekvold and Avery Wolfe the freshmen.

Aanstad, who will be a junior in the 2023...