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D.C. Getting Older! How Will Residents Keep More At Home & Out Of ‘The Home’


The task is Daniels County has to come up with an Aging Plan with Baby Boomer’s assistance to help keep Senior Citizens in their homes for a longer period of time.

In other words: How will Daniels County residents help keep more elderly residents in their homes without having to put them in “The Home,” as in nursing.

The fact is half of the population of Daniels County is age 60 and older!

The fact is there are 12-14 people on a waiting list to secure a room in the nursing home at the Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center (even though a portion of them aren’t ready to go there yet, they just wanted to be on the waiting list for when the time actually does arrive).

The fact is Montana’s population is ranked fifth in the nation for the percentage of adults 60 and over. It is important for t...