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MISCELLANEOUS - Coach's corner: There are currently 218 people enshrined in the Montana Coaches Association Hall of Fame. On Thursday, July 28, 2022 in the C.M. Russell High School auditorium in Great Falls they will be joined by the latest class of inductees, including: MarkAlbert (Frenchtown, Missoula Hellgate, Willow Creek, Darby, Hamilton); Spencer Huls (Corvallis); Rod Karst (Opheim, Glasgow); Rod Paskey (Frenchtown), Jeff Thompson (Flathead-

Kalispell). Here's the current roster of 218:

A) Harry Adams, MikeAnderson, WaltAnderson,TonyArnston. B) Richards Bachmeier, Terry Bakken, Dan Baretta, Paul Barta, Jug Beck, Dale Berry, Oscar Bjorgam, Mike Bradshaw, Branch Brady, John W. “Brick” Breeden, Vicki Brown. C) Gene Carlson, Clyde Carpenter, Jeff Carroll, Bob Casey, Jim Casey, John Cheek, Jr., John B. Cheek, Sr., Shirley Chesterf...