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BASKETBALL — 3C honor roll: The District 3C has released its All-Conference selections and there are six Scobey High School students on the lists. Start ing with the girls, in order voted: Jaycee Erickson, North Country, grade 12; Teagan Erickson, North Country, 10; Paige Wasson, North Country, 10; Alexa Reddig, Lustre Christian, 10; Kayaya KillEagle, Dodson, 10; Tia Dees, Nashua, 11; Karys Lamb, Scobey, 12; Carrie Taylor, Scobey, 11; Zandora Longtree, North Country, 12; Kora LaBrie, North Country, 11; Whitley Maher, Scobey, 12; Grace Brown, Lustre Christian, 10. For the boys: Kolden Hoversland, Lustre Christian, 12; Rea gan Machart, Scobey, 12; Kaleb Hoversland, Lustre Christian, 12; Elijah Lenihan, Lustre Christian, 11; Gage Hallock, Scobey, 10; Jasiah Hambira, Lustre Christian, 11; Mikey Jaynes, D...