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Annika Cahill, a senior at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, recently performed her senior piano recital. She is the daughter of Charlie and Tammy Cahill and a 2018 SHS graduate. The whole Cahill family from Scobey including her grandma Ana Brenden, were able to take in the recital live.

Someone close to the matter told us, “she’s a rock star!” We agree.

The recital is available on-line at See for yourself. She takes a brief break after about fifty minutes and returns for an encore at about the one hour and one minute mark.

Annika will graduate from Whitman College this spring. -bb


We read recently in the Montana Free Press, AMTRAK is in the process of putting into service new locomotives for the first time in twenty-some years. They are much more fuel efficient and cleaner...