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City Business . . .


Taken from the unap -

proved minutes of the regular meeting of City Council, City of Scobey, Montana held


at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall.


Mayor Danne Showers called the meeting to order with councilmen Morgan Lekvold, Scott Fishell, Paul Landeraaen and Jon Baker present. Also, in attendance were Seth Axtman, John Leibrand, Perry Wolfe, Fire Chief Wyatt Wilder (8:38 a.m.), Chad Hanson Great West Engineering and son RobbieHanson,CityAttorney Ben Fosland, PWD Steve Berreth and Clerk Sonya M. Southland.

Public Works –PWDSteve Berreth reported:

• Block heater has been installed on garbage truck. Brian Wahlhasofferedstoragespace for the truck during the cold temperatures free of charge.

•Pumpshavebeeninstalled on sweeper but it isn’t operational


• Fire dept is flooding the skating rink. PWD reminded the department to notify him before opening any hydrants for non-emergencies.

• The PW Department has been sanding streets/intersections.

Council Comment –Mayor Showersthankedeveryonefor all the support and dedication to the city ...