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75 Years Ago


Items taken from weekly issues 75 years ago, from the Daniels County Leader, est. 1922 (continuation of the Scobey Sentinel, est. 1912).

October 3, 1946

Daniels Memorial

Hospital Day–

People of Daniels County started a project of considerable merit some time ago. Opportunity will be presented Saturday, October 12 to finish it. The sum of $52,000 already is in the fund, $48,000 will be raised

to finish the job.

Extensive investigation by the temporary committee has shown that chances for federal aid for the project are very remote.

Site of the hospital has now been determined, the old skating rink property owned by Stephen Crum, former resident, who generously contributed the valuable property.

The Daniels County Memorial Association is a non-profit, non-stock project which will be owned...