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Standing on the street corner visiting with a couple guys the other day, we got a chuckle as another fellow considerably younger than us, kind of jogged across the crosswalk as a car patiently waited for him to cross. He said to us, “Don’t you hate it when people stop for you at the crosswalk? I feel like I have to run across!” It certainly is getting harder for some of us to move fast across the road. But, without flashing lights, no one should be in that big of a hurry to not follow the law and take time, really a few moments, to be courteous to pedestrians.

We still found that funny, but it is nice to see some drivers pay attention to the crosswalk signs. -bb


Twenty-two new businesses have opened in Glendive, Montana in the past five years, it was reported Thursday, September 16, on the Billings-based radio show Montana Talks (KCGM 95.7 FM, 9-10 a.m. Monday through Friday). — mike


Sitting at my desk at work on Saturda...