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Field Position Plays Huge Role In Scobey’s Win Over Fairview

Field Position Plays Huge Role  In Scobey’s Win Over Fairview Field Position Plays Huge Role  In Scobey’s Win Over Fairview

Face Much-Improved Wildcats Friday

Not including the much-

more-obvious final score of 56-20 over the Fairview Warriors, the most important statistic posted by the Scobey Spartans in their second victory of this young prep football season was

field position.

More precisely, average

starting point on offense.

Played Friday, September 3, under the lights of Scobey’s Plainsmen Field, the Spartans’ average yardline beginning of their 10 possessions was Fairview’s

33-yard line! Here’s the breakdown:

in the first quarter Scobey began offensive possessions on their own 5- and 15-yard lines and Fairview’s 16; second quarter was Fairview’s 17, 15 and 6; third quarter was their own 38 and Fairview’s 19 and 37; fourth quarter was Fairview’s 34.

For the Warriors they started their possessions at their own 26, 26 and 6 in the first quarter; own 15, 8 and 3 in the second quarter; own 20, 23, 10 and 26 in the third quarter; own 35 in the fourth.

Fairview’s average start of its 11 possessions was its own 18-yard line.

That’s an average difference of 29 yards in possession starting points!

It’s not a usual statistic but it played a huge role in Friday’s victory.

The Warriors (0-2, 34104, 17.0-52.0) received the opening kickoff and marched inside Scobey’s 10-yard line before fumbling into the hands of Gage Southland.

The Spartans (2-0, 10020, 50.0-10.0) took over at the 5, earned a first down, then were flagged for a hold costing them 10 yards and three plays later punted.

Fairview made it look somewhat easy advancing the ball with five consecutive rushes followed by two

passes making it 6-0.

Scobey did the same thing on the ensuing possession, advancing on two Zach Turner pass receptions worth 8 and 26 yards, a 14yard rush by Colter Oie and a 10-yard scamper by quarter Boen Tande before stalling at the Fairview 6 for a

turnover on downs.

The Warriors couldn’t take advantage and fumbled two plays into the possession, with Tande recovering the ball at Fairview’s 16 with 35 seconds left in the firs...