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75 Years Ago


Items taken from weekly issues 75 years ago, from the Daniels County Leader, est. 1922 (continuation of the Scobey Sentinel, est. 1912).

September 5, 1946

Elevators Filled:

Barley Shipped

Out First–

Elevators, faced with loaded bins and car shortages, are shipping out barley as fast as cars become available.Wheat is being piled on the ground as harvest in northeastern Montana moves past the midway mark this week.

Best barley reported thus far is that of Casper and Tom Brenden which went approximately 40 bushels at 50 pounds. City Council In Huddle Over New Water Districts– Exactareasandboundaries of the proposed new water and sewerage districts is a problemnowfacingScobey’s mayor and council.

A representative of Corwin & Co., of Great Falls is expected to be pre...