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BASKETBALL — A one namer who is a gamer:

They are people known by just one name, folks like Adele, Aristotle, Beyonce, Bono, Cher, Confucius, Drake, Elvis, Fabio, Fergie, Liberace, Lulu, Oprah, Pele, Penn, Pink, Prince, Socrates, Sinbad, Sting, Teller and Voltaire. Don't forget Gracee! While tuning into Scobey radio station KCGM 95.7 FM the evening of Saturday, June 12, for the Montana-Wyoming All-Star Series in Billings (see page 6 for coverage), radio play-by-play man Rocky Erickson called out Scobey's Gracee Lekvold's last name a few times before it just became Gracee.The Leader started keeping track after the first time it happened: 6 times in the first quarter, 4 in the second, 12 in the third and 18 in the fourth for a grand total of ...