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Daniels County Centennial Notes


Eight people attended the June 2 Centennial meeting at the Library. The celebration is set for July 2-4, 2021.

Treasurer Doanie Erickson reported and made note that there are 98 donors for the “100 years and 100 $100 Sponsorships”; only 2 to go. (Added note: Gary & Bonnie Meyer made a donation recently and sent a note with it - “ Last year someone made a Challenge in the amount of $150 to the Class of 1964. Well, they didn’t say you had to be a graduate of SHS. Things were canceled because of Covid-19, but I would like to still meet that Challenge and raise them a buck. I was a graduate of CHS (Circle) in 1964. Besides we beat you twice in basketball 65 to 55 and 68 to 63, and in football 36 to 6. Hope to see you at the DANIELS COUNTY CENTENNIAL July 2,3,4.”)

The committee ...