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TRACK AND FIELD - The final tally: TheLeader traveled to Scottie Field in Glasgow on Tuesday, May 4, for the 36th annualTopTen Meet, which brings together the top 10 times and distances from high school girls and boys in eastern Montana (draw a line from Havre to Baker and anybody north of it with a time or distance in the top 10 gets an invite). The Top 10 has never kept team scores but this year the Leader decided to tally them just for the unofficial fun of it. Without further ado here are those team standings from the 2021 event based on the usual 10 points for first place, 8 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd, 4 for 4th, 2 for 5th and 1 for 6th. Ladies first: Hinsdale 48, Circle 47, Baker 46, Havre 45, Plentywood 39, Fairview 38, Dawson County (Glendive) 31, Savage 29, Malta 26, Saco 26, MonDak (Westby-Gr...