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There’s Always Something To Be Grateful For


By Tammi Fladager, Peerless Rancher

While it is obvious what the multiple negative impacts of COVID-19 were for America and the world, there are many positive opportunities as well. Friday, March 26, was one of those examples. Historically, Daniels County taxpayers have been hobbled by the distance between home and Helena, especially when it came time to raise our voice seeking a fix for the tax-exempt State Trust Lands that fetters our budget. It is expensive and time consuming to travel the nearly 1000 mile roundtrip only to be heard for a few minutes. In the past, this resulted in only a few residents traveling the distance and speaking against the tyranny. The impression this left on legislators' mind was that the citizens of Daniels County were not concerned, interested, or involved and therefore, the message was diluted and ignored.

That is until COVID-19 restricted travel and busi nes...