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SB 355 Has Fighting Chance; Fairness Bill Moves To House Concerning State Land


This Is A Real Opportunity To Correct State Land Injustice — Community Needs To Speak Out

Since1910DanielsCounty has been burdened with large amounts of State School Trust Land. The intent of the State Land program was that each county would have 6% of its land that would belong to the State and would be tax exempt from the county it resides in. Daniels County has about 24% tax exempt land denying the county enough funds to properly be the caretakers of the State Land and subsequently the roads and bridges that grant access to these “public lands”. Since 1958 there have been several attempts and at least two studies that produced no action other than sympathy from folks that said essentially this is unfair and unjust but we are not going to do anything about it. Elections were held and the ball dropped each attempt. A bill introduced by Se...