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We see that incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine is wide and varied, offered from employers and good Samaritans. One large company we see is offering up to four hours pay, two hours for each shot, and up to $15 in ride-share fare to get the vaccines. In several locations where pot is legal, growers are giving out little gift bags of pot or joints as a reward.

As of last week, Daniels County has finished the second round of shots for over 250 people and are on the way with another 175 on the list who have signed up.

We got our second shot on Tuesday last week, but our tight boss gave us no incentives nor were there any farmers handing out pot as we left the clinic.

Its looks as of right now that nearly anyone wanting the vaccine in Daniels just has to make the call to get on the list and as vaccine is available they will get call backs.

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