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Hospital Board Meeting Notes


The Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center held its regular board meeting, December 17, 2020. Minutes in part include: Members Present: Paul Kanning, Carrie Wilson, Jedda Barron, Caitlin Buer, Jack Pittenger, Alycia Nathe, Tanner Trower, Tony Thompson, Interim CEO Others Present: Jessica Winge-Peterson, Koby May Billings Clinic Guests: Pat McConnell Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Paul Kanning.

Adoption of Agenda: Alycia Nathe made a motion to approve agenda as amended, seconded by Carrie Wilson, motion carried.

Board Self-Assessment:

Paul Kanning addressed the Board members regarding self-assessment and improvement. Each Board member was tasked with filling out a questionnaire regarding what Daniels Memorial wil...