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75 Years Ago


Items taken from weekly issues 75 years ago, from the Daniels County Leader, est. 1922 (continuation of the Scobey Sentinel, est. 1912).

February 14, 1946

Glen Chenoweth Drops Dead–

The community was shocked to learn of the sudden death of Glen Bennett Chenoweth, 54 who died Sunday evening from a heart attack on Main Street walking home from Arvid Carlson’s. Glen had recently sold his business due to bad health. Arvid is survived by his wife Hulda (Carlson) and only child Harland.

Tourney in Scobey–

Scobey will host the basketball teams of District No. 1 in the annual tournament to decide the champion of the season. The ten teams participating are Medicine Lake, Antelope, Plentywood, Comertown, Outlook, Flaxville, Westby, Redstone, Peerless and Scobey. Officials include Announcer Rev. V. C. Boe, Timekeeper R.V. “Irish” Walker, Scorekeeper Robert Tande, Tournament Manag- er Supt. George...