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3C District Girls and Boys Tourney Tickets – Changes Already

3C District Girls and Boys – February 16-20 –  Girls starts Tuesday, Feb 16 with #5 seed playing @ #4 seed location and #6 seed @ #3 seed.  Boys will start Wednesday: #5 seed @#4 Seed and #6 seed @ #3 seed. Times TBA. Thursday, Feb. 18 tournament play will resume in Malta.

Ticket Info— Changes as of Feb 8 – 1:30 p.m.

Initially 150 tickets were going to be issued to schools for each gender — it has been changed to 150 total tickets, but ticket holders will be able to go to both gender games. This did reduce the per player ticket amount.

Each Player gets 4 tickets, alternates get 2 tickets, cheerleaders get 2 tickets, girls managers get 2 tickets, boys managers get 2 tickets, and coaches get 2 tickets.
Boys and girls will have player passes and able to attend games of the opposite gender.

You’re name will have to be on the school’s  list in order to get into the games, so please make sure to call in and get on it!

Ticket reservations begin Tuesday, February 9th. Tickets may be claimed by calling the school, 406-487-2202, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Parents of players, managers and cheerleaders must call with the names of individuals who will use the tickets. Payment will be made at the venue.

More General Info:

Approved standards for spectator attendance include:

Ø  150 individuals per school for general admission.

Ø  30 administrative complimentary passes. (34 for Scobey-Opheim and 38 for North Country)

Ø  16 GBB team passes.

Ø  16 BBB team passes.

Ø  212 Total Passes.

Ø  All spectators will be required to wear facial coverings and sit in family units and social distance between family units.

Ø  Only spectators of the two teams competing will be allowed in the gymnasium during each game.

Ø  At the completion of each game, spectators are requested to exit the gym in an orderly and timely manner.

Ø  Appropriate cleaning of the facility will take place between games.