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Basketball Tournament Information

  • Basketball – District, Divisional and State Tournaments 

District and Divisional tournaments are required to have local county health department approval to host and that approval must be sent to the MHSA office and the MHSA office must approve the format also.   The Districts and Divisions have two options for their tournament:

1) Playoff bracket – highest seed hosting (single elimination)

2) Tournament Format – top half bracket / bottom half bracket – bracket play will be played at one gym or at two separate gyms/sites (either double or single elimination).   There will only be the two teams playing and then teams and fans exiting and the two other teams in the bracket readying for play followed by a break to clean and sanitize (Compete/Clear/Clean). Fans will only be allowed in for their team’s games.

        State tournaments – the MHSA office is checking to see if the awarded facilities/communities are still able to host the event.

1) Class AA will conduct playoffs for both division and state tournaments

2) Play at the assigned site however add one day to Class A, Class B and Class C      tournaments – conduct six games per day – two teams with fans and then exit and next two teams and fans enter – Compete/Clear/Clean

State Sites 

Class AA – playoffs

Class A – Butte Civic Center – tentative

Class B – Billings Metra

Class C – MSU Bozeman – tentative

Tentative sites and dates . . . .

3C District Girls and Boys -February 17-20 – Malta

Eastern C Divisional Boys and Girls -March 4-6 in Sidney

State C Girls and Boys -March 10-13 tentatively Bozeman

  • Spectator Passes (MHSA Post Season Events) 

General – Each site must provide a minimum of two tickets per suited player for both home and visiting fans.  Schools will determine distribution criteria and must sell the tickets and provide names for check off and contact tracing for the host site.  No more than the maximum can be distributed, and tickets must be distributed equally for home and visitors.  And leftover tickets at schools cannot be redistributed to other schools.   Complimentary tickets will be provided for coaches, players and managers per current MHSA policy.   Administrative tickets will be provided per current MHSA policy.

1) State Swim – 2 per swimmer

2) Post Season Wrestling – minimum of 2, maximum of 4 – depending on site capacity

3) Post Season Basketball

Basketball – allow up to a maximum of 25% capacity of the facility but no more than 500 fans per teams in larger facilities or whatever the lower limitations imposed by the local  county health departments would be.

4) State Ticket Prices – $20 per ticket – state wrestling, swimming and basketball

District and Divisions will determine their own ticket prices

5) Support Groups

a) Maximum of 12 cheerleaders for basketball – no cheerleaders for wrestling or swimming

b) Bands – no bands at state events (district and divisions can have a different policy)

c) Student Cheering Sections – there will be no endzone seating for cheering sections.  Students with tickets will have to practice proper social distancing in the fan seating area.

6) Administrative Passes / Complimentary Passes – per current MHSA policy