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More Receive COVID-19 Vaccine At Mini Clinic – New Map Tab To Track Vaccination Progress


A COVID-19 Vaccination Mini Clinic in coordination with Daniels County Health Department took place at Daniels Memorial Friday, January 22

Thirty-three individuals received a COVID-19 vaccination within 2 hours. Due to the success, additional mini clinics will be arranged by DMHC staff with individuals on the waiting list.

Administration of second doses are underway.

Those who are 70 or above or have pre-existing health conditions, or are an American Indian and/or are a person of color, call 487-2313 to make arrangements for vaccination when it is available.

If you have already put your name on the waiting list, there is no need to call to confirm, it has been documented.

New Map Tab To Track

Vaccination In Montana

The Montana Response website has added an additional map which has to do with the number of vaccines given. The map can be found at This is the same location with the map to track COVID Cases in Montana.