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Scobey Scobey

Central Exchange. Roland Wilson was the first manager, followed by G.A. Estvold and then Lalon Jones and later Kenneth Kjos.

Lester Estenson opened a garage in 1940 and later built a new garage which burned down in 1946. He later moved in a granary and converted it into his shop, with Clarence Hames as his assistant.

Percy Lewarton ran the Peerless store from 1925 until 1946, when it was purchased by Tiny Puckett, then by Charles Motschenbacher, then Martin Grove and then again by Tiny.

Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Hawbaker had a general store which was later moved to Pioneer Town. The Peerless Fire Department purchased a chemical fire truck from Scobey in 1934 and a firehall was built. There was only one telephone in Peerless, located in the general store. In May 1955, Nemont telephones were installed. DEPOT The railroad depot was moved from the Sweet Grass branch line in 1926. Bill Trumbull was one of the first depot agents. Other agents were Tom Prewett, Mr. Peterson, Doody, Giegrich, Steve Coram, Martin Gillet, Glenn Brooks and Bob Brandt. Section Foremen were Herb Johnson, Nick Spragno and Herman Nieskens. POST OFFICE The first post office was established in 1914 by Andrew Tande at old Peerless. When the railroad came through in 1925, Paulina M. Brockway moved a camp wagon in and parked it on the site of the present post office. A new building was built in 1926 which became Mrs. Brockway’s home, a store and the post office. PEERLESS BAR The Peerless Bar was built in 1925 by Sam Kerstein and Floyd Working. It was first op erated as a pool hall, restaurant and dance hall. No liquor was sold as prohibition was in effect. It was run by several people until World War II, when it closed for about two years. After several owners, it was purchased by Virginia Machart and operated by Ed Puckett. PEERLESS LUTHERAN CHURCH Church worship services were held in homes back in 1916 when Pastor Rosholt from Opheim would come down about once a month. In 1923, Pastor C.G. Tjomsland was installed in Scobey and he served Peerless three summer months off and on until 1928. Until 1940, the closest services were in Scobey.

The parsonage in Peerless was donated by Egland Lumber Company. The Arthur Mathison family came in the fall of 1940. It was decided to name the church The First Lutheran Church of Peerless. In March 1946, the church building, which was a granary was purchased from Al Flowler for $700, which included the lots. The building was moved onto the foundation in the fall of 1948 and the first service was held in the basement on July 17, 1949 with Pastor I.M. Hanso...