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In the early 1900’s the Butte Creek area 23 miles northwest of present-day Peerless was known as Butte Valley, and was the domain of wandering sheepherders and cowboys. The first settlers in the area were Frank and Robert Fouhy, Fred C. Jones, Charles Jones and Frank Miller, who squatted in 1913. Others soon followed.

In 1915 the drawings for homestead land were made at Glasgow, and by 1918 all the land had been taken.

When the first settlers came the prairie was dotted with sheep wagons and cattle.

Homestead wives, often left alone in their unfinished cabins while the menfolk went to Scobey for lumber, were frightened by the range cattle who shook the shacks as they rubbed against them in the night. On one occasion a cyclone struck the community. Mrs. Fred Jones grabbed her children and rushed to ...