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1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 and ….


1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1982.

Over the years, the baseball program has added two more fields to accommodate the young baseball and softball players. All three fields have electronic scoreboards.

Curling began in 1958 when a 44x172 ft rink was built. It was incorporated in the summer of 1959. The first officers were president Larry Fjeld, vice-president Bob Willard, secretary Walter Vanderpan and treasurer Aimee Girard. Directors were: Lee McCann, Fred Leibrand and Ernie Sell. Middle of January 1959 began their first season with 60 members.

A 1961 clipping stated that Scobey, the only town in Montana to have a curling rink, has 16 local teams (farmers, businessmen and their wives). Players ranged from of age 14 to those pushing 70 years.

The last season for any curling in Scobey was the winter of 1991-92; Don Boos was the outgoing president of the curling club organization.

Golf has a long history in Scobey also. The rolling course has remained in the same location all through the years with yearly improvements.

The Scobey Plainsmen, an independent basketball team, sponsored a 3-day basketball Invitational Tournament that ended Dec 30-Jan 1, 2017 after 52 years. And on the western side of sports, there was horse racing, calf roping and rodeos that were active over the years; and some still are. There are just too many sport organizations to go on about all of them.

The biggest celebration in the area’s history came in 1963, the 50th anniversary of the coming of the rails. It was called the Homesteaders’ Golden Jubilee. It was this celebration which planted the seeds for Pioneer Town which has now grown to be a major tourist attraction in northeast Montana.

Wild life still abounds in Scobey Country, although the once plentiful buffalo and elk are gone. One can easily find plenty of deer, coyotes, fox, beaver, rabbits, duck, partridge and grouse. Hunters and trappers are having increasingly good luck in the area.

The variety of habitat contributes to the many kinds of wildlife. Within a half hour’s drive from Scobey one can find level plains, brush and small trees along the streams and some real “badlands.” The Poplar River is great for the fishermen.

Scobey is the northernmost town on Highway 13, the primary highway connecting Montana and Saskatchewan.

Daniels County has always had a “can do...