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Networking: What’s Your Connection To A State Legislator?


By Tammi Fladager, Peerless Rancher

This is the last of my columns, for now, regarding tax-exempt State Lands in Daniels County. Previous columns have attempted to enlighten readers of the elephant-sized burden placed on all county taxpayers. There have been historical recounts, a short list of options, and County Commissioner Mikel P. Lund’s current resolution that is pending presentation in the 2021 Montana Legislative Session.

When I was in college, I paid a sum of money to a landlord for the purpose of having a place to stay without buying my own house. This worked out well, especially when the sinks were plugged, or the furnace didn’t work. I simply called the landlord, and he fixed the prob lem. The end.

If we consider the State of Montana as landlords of the State Trust Lands in Daniels County, then the argument could be made that they need to take care of some of the maintenance associated with having those lands, such as bridges and roads. This is com- mon sense in that t...