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“Complaining About A Problem Without Posing A Solution Is Called Whining.”


 Teddy Roosevelt (Somebody's Grandpa)

By Tammi Fladager, Peerless Rancher

This is the fourth of five columns regarding the ex cessive amount of state lands that cannot be taxed in Daniels County. Previous columns have discussed how the county, since formation in 1920, was saddled with this burden. Everyone in Daniels County pays the price in some form or another as a result.

My dad always had some pretty creative solutions when it came to problems. Once, while herding cattle, my lips were chapped, so I asked my dad if he had any Chapstick, to which he replied, “Nope, but put some of that cow patty right there on your lips.” Being somewhat suspicious about his advice, I inquired if that would really help. “No, but it will stop you from licking your lips.”

I have even heard cowboys suggest to other cowboys, “rub some dirt in it.” No offense to my dad or cowboys, but I think we should look more at Teddy Roosevelt’s advice.

There is no doubt that even before we were a county, Daniels County knew there was a problem with state lands. At first, if you will remember from ...