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Treated Water Is Close

Treated Water  Is Close Treated Water  Is Close

Dry Prairie Rural Water System is nearing completion. As to how soon the area will be actually served with treated water from the Missouri, may just depend on weather. A number of things are taking place and have to happen before they can go live.

In the process of pressure testing lines Agri Industries, the contractor for the system in this area, discovered a leak in pipe that was installed by boring a 12” waterline underneath a small wetland south of Madoc. They are currently boring 500 feet of new pipe to replace any pipe that may have been somehow compromised. The bore is taking place about 8.5 miles south of Highway 5 on Mail Route Road. Hopefully this will be completed very soon as it is one of the 12” mainlines from the pump station, a couple of miles farther southwest on Rangeline Road. Disinfecting crews from Landmark, the tank contractor, were expected to arrive this week to start disinfecting the new elevated water tower near Madoc as the final steps

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