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The string of container-carrying railcars and grain railcars from Plentywood to the west edge of Flaxville increased and then decreased. At the end of August 2020 the big string of cars started five miles west of Plentywood but then those five miles were filled with more grain cars, right up to the far thest-west railroad crossing in Plentywood. That meant the entire string of idle cars measured 32 miles in length, with Plentywood being railroad mile marker 53 from the junction at Bainville and Flaxville being mile marker 85. This scene was witnessed when driving to Ekalaka for the Scobey football game on Friday, September 18. One week later, when driving to Fairview for the Scobey football game on Friday, September 25, the 32-mile string of cars was reduced to 27 miles as the elevators in Plentywood used five

miles worth of grain cars to haul out recently-harvested crops.

In addition, while returning from Ekalaka on September 18 noticed was a string of about 20 miles of grain cars stored between Glendive and the northwest side of Lindsay. When you start to see these cars disappearing from these storage areas, particularly the container-carrying cars, that will be an indication the U.S. economy is picking up. — mike *T*I*P*

DATELINE GLASGOW: November 9 – “My

October 8 [ Leader] issue just showed up. Yeah, love those guaranteed ballots. . .” 33 days after mailing from Scobey, it made it’s destination 100 miles away. We get reports everyday from readers on poor delivery.

We don’t like being delinquent with our bill payments, thanks to the USPS we now are in arrears with our newspaper printing company. Our check was mailed on October 8 to a proven, triple checked, valid address. The same address we have been mailing to for three years. We got it back as non-deliverable, address unknown on November 2! Our printing company says they believe us, but we are still delinquent.

Again, we believe it’s time for a postal overhaul.

*T*I*P* It was good to see several days ago that Kayne West conceded defeat in the Presidential election. It’s a big surprise to many we’re sure. After all, this elec- tion is the first time he had ever cast a ballot in any election, so he could vote for himself.

It goes to prove nearly anyone can run for President of the United States but they really might consider having some sort of platform and probably should not use the f-word in campaign speeches.

On another election note . . . we heard a good one, “Aren’t you supposed to call a doctor if your election lasts this long?” -bb *T*I*P*

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” — Princess Diana of Wales