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75 Years Ago

November 15, 1945

Belated Message States Ralend Rhodes, Killed In Action January 13– Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rhodes of Scobey this week received the following message from Washington: “The Secretary of War has asked me to express his deep regret that your son, Technical Sergeant Raland E. Rhodes, was killed in action in Germany on January 13, 1945. Previously reported missing in action, official reports now received, establish his death. Conferring letter follows, E. F. Withell, Acting Adjt. General.”

Ralend is the twelfth county boy who registered here as his home now offi cially reported to have given his life for his country.

State Legion Sending Honor Men To Chicago– Adjutant Herb Kibler of the American Legion Montana Department, said that Henry Schauer of Scobey and Leo Powers of Alder, winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor, will be distinguished guests of the national convention of the Legion in Chicago. They will meet with other medal of honor winners from various parts of the nation.

Plan Large Addition To Store Building– At a stockholders meeting of the Scobey Co-op held last week plans were laid for raising funds for construction of a 25×70 foot addition to their main street building.

Married In Great Falls–

Gussie R. Whipple and Virginia Sparagno, both of Peerless, were united in marriage at Great Falls Monday. Witnesses at the ceremony were the bride’s sister, Fausteni Sparagno, and George S. (Tiny) Puckett.

Scobey Opens Basketball Year Here November 30– The Spartan basketball team under Coach Butters will open the season at Scobey on Friday, November 30, when the Poplar Indians play here.

The district tournament will be held at Scobey on February 20 – 24.

Weather Man and Fuel Man Get Together– This part of the state didn’t follow the predictions of a long, warm fall and short, open winter. A pretty fair model of real winter has been demonstrating the past ten days with tempera- ture recordings as low as 17 below zero, with a good six inches of snow covering the ground. The high was recorded at 29 above.

Movie Pictures–

Showing at the Flaxville Theatre is, “Pan American”, “Eve Knew Her Apples”, and “Song Of The Prairie”. Thanksgiving show on Thanksgiving night is “First Yank Into Tokyo”. A dance after the show with music by “Brenden’s Swing Stars”.

“Midnight Manhunt”, “The Memphis Belle”, “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”, “Son Of Lassie”, and “Escape In The Desert” is scheduled at The Rex Theatre.

Scobey Calves Top Market At Sioux City– Eddie Lund returned this week from Sioux City where he shipped three carloads of cattle. His spring calves topped the market there.

Scobey calves and yearlings have held the record at Sioux City almost continuously for the past six or seven years.

Lloyd Fladager Takes Bride– In a formal ring ceremony at the Little Church Around The Corner in Los Angeles, Beverly Virginia Crawford became the bride of Lloyd A. Fladager of Peerless, now with the U.S. Army at Santa Barbara. Lloyd is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Fladager.

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