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Weather is good. It gives us something to talk about besides COVID-19. Working in the yard on Sunday we noticed the change of the sounds in the country (as we live on the edge of Scobey). One big thing we noticed besides having lovely sunshine and nicer weather on Sunday, was that the buzzing of two-cycle motors has changed in the last several days.

Snowmobiles were out buzzing the country side last week and this weekend they were shut down and it was the sounds of two-cycle motorcycles buzzing the country side. There’s almost always a bright side to the weather as it affects each of us differently.

With the abundance of snow we had over the last couple weeks, people complained about such an early snow. Farmers and ranchers were happy for the moisture and now having a chance to soak in. Snowmobilers were happy, now motorcycle enthusiasts are happy. The contractors working on the streets and water lines had to shut down for a while, although we saw some work being done on Monday. They should be happy.

Next Saturday, at this writing, was calling for cooler temperatures, 60% chance of moisture (4-6” of snow from Friday to Monday, and breezy football fans may not be happy. But for sure we can be happy that Thompson Falls has to make the 600+ mile trip instead of the Spartans! Always a silver lining! –bb *T*I*P*

Do you realize what the most anticipated statistic, for those who are paying attention, will be when 2020 turns into 2021? It is the 2020 statistics on the common flu. Not coronavirus, not COVID-19 but the everyday, been around forever common flu. Will those statistical figures be higher or lower than than the 2019 numbers? I'll say lower, for the simple fact that most of the 2020 numbers will go down as

coronavirus/COVID-19 for the simple fact that those two get paid big bucks to the nation's hospitals from Medicare while the regular, ho-hum flu does not. Watch for those annual statistical flu figures… I'll bet you a nickel they'll be lower than in 2019, probably waaaay lower, for the simple fact stated above. –mike *T*I*P* Billings, the largest city in Montana, employs

more than 13,000 people in the medical field. –mike


According to John Williams' Shadow Govern

ment Statistics website ( the Headline CPI-U Inflation in the United States from

1970, the last full year of the gold-backed U.S. Dollar, to date has been 561 percent. Corrected for U.S. Gov ernment understatement of the CPI-U ShadowStats Alternate CPI Inflation (1970 to date) has been 4,257 percent (that's merely a 3,696 percent difference!).

CPI-U stands for Consumer Price Index for all Urban consumers. It measures the changes in the price of a basket of goods and services purchased by urban consumers. The all-urban consumer popula tion consists of all urban households in Metropolitan

Statistical Areas (MSAs) and urban places of 2,500 inhabitants or more.

In other words, if one is still interested in the phony and highly-manipulated numbers the feder-

al government continues to trot out for the public to believe, then stick with them (2% inflation, really? Those statisticians must not shop for groceries). If you want the true figures, because that's what Mr. Williams continually delivers, then log onto www. There's much free and very useful information on his website, and best of all, it is the

truth! –mike


Together these three investment firms have almost $11 trillion (U.S. funds) in assets under management, or 40 percent of all U.S. publicly-listed firms. They are the largest single shareholders in nearly 90 per cent of S& P 500 firms, which includes heavyweights such as Apple, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Microsoft. Most people invest in them. Their names? BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard. –mike *T*I*P*

"The past has no power over the present mo

ment." –Eckhart Tolle