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School Board Will Meet Thursday About MHSA/NFHS

At the regular Scobey School board meeting on

Monday, November 2nd

about 20 people from the staff and public were in attendance.

During public comment of non-agenda items, several were concerned about the school going to the blended mode of partial days and ro -

tation of students and, the dif - ficulties students and parents have to deal on the distance learning side of things. Some expressed hopes for a better system. There were legiti - mate complaints of students having to pack heavy back packs every day to and from school when they do attend. Concerns were discussed that the students education is being limited, why not sports? It was stated that these phases were planned last summer with a lot of extra work from staff to come up with a plan, though not perfect. The board recognized the hardships the students and parents are deal-

ing with. Supt. Greg Hardy said, with other teachers chimed in...