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75 Years Ago


November 1, 1945

Effort Made; Begin REA Work This Fall–

The Northern Electric Co-op, Inc., today became owner of the Opheim electric plant and took immediate possession, with former Fred Jessel in charge as chief engineer and Frank Leslie as manager and bookkeeper.

The corporation has been allotted $440,000 for its REA project and its directors are making an effort to get the pole line well started this fall so many of the patrons will have electric service this winter. A three- phase line is specified, and

the bulk of the patrons are in the territory between Opheim and Scobey.

Flaxville News–

A daughter, Barbara Louella, 6 lbs 11 oz. was born to Sgt. and Mrs. Lyle Bourassa on October 17.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Guy assumed management of the former Baker’s Grocery, having bought the stock from Gerald Baker, who bought the Brost Grocery in Plentywood.

Farmers Union annual meeting was held at the Flaxville Theatre. Officers

were elected and other business was taken care of. Lutheran Ladies Aid served the lunch.

The Weather–

56 was high for the week with low recorded at 19. Precipitation measured at .05.

Theatre Showings–

The Rex Theatre is featuring, “A Royal Scandal”, “The Affairs of Susan”, “Roughly Speaking”, and the “Call Of The Wild”.

Showing at the Flaxville Theatre is, “The Enchanted Cottage”, “Boston Blackie Booked On Suspicion”, and “Rhythm Round-up”.

Icy Rain–

It was a poor night for the kids to have much fun playing Halloween pranks at Scobey. A cold, icy rain, half way between sleet and snow, continued during the evening. The record shows only .05 of moisture with 8 degrees of frost.

Total Discharges–

Twenty-three more vet-

eran discharges were filed

here during the week, bringing the total as of October 31 to 122.

Help The Destitute–

The United States Clothing Collection Committee has asked us to conduct another drive in this county for clothing and shoes for the destitute of Europe and China. Geo. H. Jones, Chairman of the Clothing Collection Committee is asking the people of this county to start collecting their old clothng.

Spartans Lose To Indians– After coming within inches of the winning touchdown to break the 6-6 tie with Poplar here Saturday, the Spartans literally tossed the game away when their attempted forward pass was intercepted by a speedy Indian who raced 50 yards to win the game 12-6 as the fi nal whistle blew.

Daniels Leads All Counties In Victory Drive–

When the Victory Loan drive opened on October 29, there were 13 counties in the United States that had subscribed their E bond quota, and of these 13, six were Montana counties.

Bulletin No. 1 from the War Finance Committee, Helena shows Daniels County leading this state in E sales with 154.4 percent of their quota, or a total of $177,600. Phillips was next with $143,000, but only 102.7 percent of its quota.

American Legion Host To Boy Scouts– The American Legion gave a Halloween feed to the Scobey Cubs and Boy Scouts of Pack 8 and 98 at the Legion Hall.

Sixty-six scouts and cubs were present for the event and consumed 4 cases of pop, 200 buns, 20 pounds of weiners, 1 gallon of dill pickles and 30 pounds of baked beans.

Legion Commander Ralph Peters was assisted by Supt. Geo. Hayes, John O’Meara, Chris Veis, Adrian Waller, Ober Spear and R. V. Walker.